• Over 7000 customers rely on us

    Over 7000 customers rely on us

  • Partners of your success since 1985

    Partners of your success since 1985


Over 25 years at the service of SME's

1985 : Establishment and purchase of François Bernheim's business in Colmar, 5 employees.

1987 : Opening of a second office in Bollwiller, 10 employees

1991 : Merger between Hans and Sofimat companies. Building of Bollwiller's Headquarters.

1992 : The staff reaches 43 members

1995 : Opening of a secondary office in Mulhouse

1997 : Opening of an office in Bucarest (Romania).
René Hans is voted the "man of the week" by the magazine "Le Revenu" for his commitment in defense of SME's

1998 : Capital Initiative, solidarity fund is created.
Hans & Associés becomes the representative in France of Romanian development agency and of the ministery of SME's.
René Hans takes the Romanian Chartered Accountant exam in Romania.

1999 : The office in Romania is transfered from Bucarest to Timisoara.

2000 : The activity diversifies with the purchase of ESGM, school of management.
René Hans is elected vice-president of CGPME Alsace
Publication of "why does France lack entrepreneurs ?"

2001 : Openings in
Strasbourg : Purchase of Merran business
Colmar : Purchase of SARECAL business
Guebwiller : is an extension of Bollwiller's headquarters
Belfort : Purchase of Moraschetti business
René Hans is invited to testify at the parliament on : " no finance for SME's"

2002 : Purchase by ESGM of Gifop Tertiaire.
Jean Pierre Schultz's Business is taken over in Strasbourg

2003 : René Hans testifies at the parliament on :" The hypocrisy of the burden of proof in Fiscal Law".

2006 : Purchase of Lagrandeur & Part by Strasbourg's subsidiary.
The book " Companies are sickened by civil servants" is released
Interests are taken in Hans & Associes Constantine in Algeria.
René Hans defends french social model at the parliament : " France, country of small businessmen".

2007 : Opening in Molsheim
Creation of France-Germany office and hiring of a German chartered accountant.

2008 : Purchase of ALSEC, created in 1927 (1600 customers and 45 employees).

2009 : Purchase of CAGEX in Kientzheim.

2010 : Purchase of Anne-Marie Chambon's offices in Paris.
Mulhouse's office undertakes the company of Monique Sanchez.

2011 :  Openings in Haguenau, Exincourt and Rambouillet.

2012 :  Opening in Sausheim.1985 : Installation et rachat du cabinet de François Bernheim à Colmar, 5 salariés.
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